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Siv Yooj Yim 360 Swivel Microfiber Spray Magic Mop

Siv Yooj Yim 360 Swivel Microfiber Spray Magic Mop

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- Total length 138cm
- Mop Head Size 36 * 11cm
- Lub thawv xa ntawv 43 * 12.5 * 12cm
- 12 pcs / ctn 46 * 40 * 38cm

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khoom cov ntsiab lus
1. 360° Swivel.
Randomly rotate,reach out every corner. Easily clean dust from under sofa, table, bed, or any other spot.
2. Easily Use.
Spray mop come with the 400ML Water tank, can be filled up with cleaner. Simply push the trigger on the handle, it turns water to water mist evenly, save water and make mopping efficiency with minimize efforts than the regular mop.
3. Lightweight and Convient.
No more need for heavy buckets or cumbersome mops. Lightweight design makes mopping easier. Features to use as both wet and dry mop, it quickly absorbs hair and dust when dry,be used for deep cleaning when wet.
4.Clean Any Floor Type.
The spray mop is suitable for a variety of surfaces: wooden floor, hardwood, linoleum, cement, tile, laminate, stone, and concrete floors.It works great in apartments, dorms, schools, offices, and garages.
5.Environmentally Friendly.
The spray mop comes with 2 refillable microfiber pad that can be washed and reused up many times, will not cause damage for the environment.

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