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2021 Tuam Tshoj Hla Tebchaws E-lag luam Ncaj Ncees (Autumn) hauv Guangzhou.

Cov ntaub ntawv Sep 27, 2021

Kev ncaj ncees tau tuav txij lub Cuaj Hlis 23 txog rau lub Cuaj Hlis 26. Nrog rau kev npaj rau kev tiv thaiv thiab tswj kev sib kis, kev nthuav qhia tau ua tiav tiav.

Jackson Group is attended by representatives of All-Link. Jiaxing All-Link Houseware Products Co., Ltd. , one of Jackson Group’s subsidiaries, which is a comprehensive modern enterprise focusing on the sales of cleaning tools and supplies for cross-border e-commerce businesses.

For this fair, we prepared many kinds of products, including new products developed by the R&D team, as well as very competitive products. For the advantages of our products, we also received a lot of praise from customers at the fair.

Faced with the needs of customers in various markets, we, backed by Jackson Group, can almost meet them. The three-day fair was full of rewards.