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2019 Jesun Koom Nrog Hauv Chicago Exhibition "thoob ntiaj teb Cov Khoom Siv Hauv Tsev Hauv Tsev"

Cov ntaub ntawv Ti 04, 2019

IHHS is the largest and most professional comprehensive exhibition of household products in North America. The exhibition is centered on household products and divided into three series: kitchen and table products, cleaning and storage products and household appliances.

With more than 2,200 exhibitors, the Chicago show brings together all of the world's leading companies in the home furnishing industry.This year is the first time that Jackson Travel Company has participated in the exhibition.

Jackson Travel is the leading cleaning products in China and the world. We have been supplying professional and consumer cleaning products for nearly 30 years. Jackson knows cleaning products very well and we create new tools towards hands free---that is no need to touch the dirty fabric. We are open-minded to accept all the new concepts about cleaning products. We always at pursue of designing easy to operate and good performance tools for cleaning.

Since its establishment in 2001, Jackson has been following the trend of the times and has transformed from a local processing and manufacturing enterprise to an innovative industrial and trade integrated enterprise.

We go abroad to personally discuss with local customers and consumers about the demand for our products, improve our design and style, and better adapt to the preferences and needs of local people.

The exhibition is a stage, but also a platform, a most direct platform for exhibitors to communicate with customers face to face.Thank you very much to Chicago Fair for giving us this opportunity to show ourselves.As Jackson appeared in the exhibition for the first time, we know that we still have many shortcomings, so Jackson should constantly improve itself, accept more people's opinions and requirements, and strive to show a more perfect Jackson in the exhibition next year.

See you next year at the show!